The latest installment of the popular Vares series, Vares – The Gambling Chip, which is directed by Lauri Törhönen, was the most popular film in Finland last weekend with 14.364 admissions. The film is distributed by Nordisk Film on 82 screens. TOP 3 films were all Finnish films this weekend. At second place was Ricky Rapper and Cool Wendy. It sold 9.428 tickets this weekend and has now sold a total of 249.713 tickets. On the third place is Almost 18 by Maarit Lalli. It was seen this weekend by 6.844 moviegoers and has been seen by a total of 18.757 moviegoers.

TOP 20 has a total of eight domestic films, and those eight got 56 % of the total TOP 20 admissions. Once Upon a Time in the North was number five with 6.054 admissions last weekend (and a total of 119.830 admissions), Fanatics was number eight with 3.664 admissions (46.067 in all), Naked Harbour was number 14 with 1.997 admissions (86.906 in all), Stars Above was number 16 with 1.499 admissions (11.409 in total) and now on its 12th week The Storage was number 18 with 1.444 admissions (190.025 in total). The domestic films have attracted already this year over 900.000 moviegoers to the theatres. The domestic share of the total admissions is a staggering 43 percent.

From last weekend´s international premieres Mark Wahlberg starrer Contraband opened at number 12 with 2.483 admissions. It is distributed by Finnkino on 26 screens. Happy End by Björn Rungen was distributed by Cinema Mondo and got 493 admissions.

John Carter was the most popular foreign film in Finland. It got to the number four with its 6.815 admissions. The film has now a total of 22.229 admissions. On the sixth and seventh place respectively were This Means War (5.271 admissions this weekend, a total of 20.115 admissions) and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (4.613 admissions this weekend, a total of 159.774 admissions).

Top 10 was completed by Puss in Boots on the number 9 with 3.606 admissions (155.472 in total) and The Iron Lady on the number 10 with 3.167 admissions (82.216 in total).

The next local premiere is Conquest of the Näsilinna Palace 1918 by Claes Olsson. It will have its premiere on 23rd March. Film is a drama documentary about the young soldiers fighting in a Finnish civil war battle in Tampere in 1918.

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