The Jussi Award nominees 2019

Altogether 13 feature films, three documentaries and three short films received nominations. The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen, a biopic directed by Teppo Airaksinen, leads with eight nominations. The award ceremony will be held in Helsinki on March 22.

The nominated films were chosen by a jury of 13 film professionals and the board of Filmiaura. The members of Filmiaura will vote for the winners. The public will be able to vote for the audience favorite.

The Jussi awards were first handed out in 1944.

The nominees

Best Film
Stupid Young Heart – producers Elli Toivoniemi, Venla Hellstedt
The Human Part – producers Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff
The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen – producers Marko Talli
Happier Times, Grump – producers Jukka Helle, Markus Selin
Void – producer Aleksi Salmenperä

Tiina Lymi – Happier Times, Grump
Aleksi Salmenperä – Void
Selma Vilhunen – Stupid Young Heart

Lead Actress
Oona Airola – Land of Hope
Laura Birn – Void
Iida-Maria Heinonen – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen

Lead Actor
Hannu-Pekka Björkman – The Human Part
Heikki Kinnunen – Happier Times, Grump
Janne Puustinen – A Moment in the Reeds

Supporting Actress
Satu Tuuli Karhu – Happier Times, Grump
Ria Kataja – The Human Part
Pihla Penttinen – Time Out

Supporting Actor
Antti Tuomas Heikkinen – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen
Boodi Kabbani – A Moment in the Reeds
Paavo Kinnunen – Laugh or Die

Kari Hotakainen, Juha Lehtola, Leo Viirret – The Human Part
Tiina Lymi, Juha Lehtola, Tuomas Kyrö – Happier Times, Grump
Kirsikka Saari – Stupid Young Heart

Hena Blomberg – East of Sweden
Heikki Färm – Entrepreneur
Aarne Tapola – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen

Panu Aaltio – Super Furball
Halfdan E – The Human Part
Sanna Salmenkallio – Entrepreneur

Sound Design
Tuomas Klaavo – Void
Micke Nyström – East of Sweden
Panu Riikonen – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen

Samu Heikkilä – Void
Kimmo Taavila – East of Sweden
Jussi Rautaniemi – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen

Production Design
Antti Nikkinen – Land of Hope
Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen – The Violin Player
Eva Torsvall – Stupid Young Heart 

Costume Design
Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila – Stupid Young Heart
Susse Roos – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen
Anna Vilppunen – East of Sweden 

Make-up Design
Kaisu Hölttä – Stupid Young Heart
Kati Koskela – Heavy Trip
Riikka Virtanen – The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen

Documentary Film
Full of love – director and producer Iina Terho
Waiting for Barcelona – director Juho-Pekka Tanskanen, producer Isabella Karhu
Entrepreneur – director Virpi Suutari, producers Joonas Berghäll ja Satu Majava

Short Film
Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre – director Ilja Rautsi
Siivooja – director Teemu Nikki
Star Shaped Scar – directors Virva Kunttu, Vuokko Kunttu

Number of nominations per film: The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen (8), Stupid Young Heart (6), Void (5), The Human Part (5), Happier Times, Grump (5), East of Sweden (4), Entrepreneur (3), Land of Hope (2), A Moment in the Reeds (2), Full of Love (1), Waiting for Barcelona (1), Super Furball (1), Heavy Trip (1), Time Out (1), The Violin Player (1), Laugh or Die (1), Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre (1), Cleaning Woman (1), Star Shaped Scar (1) 

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