Exhibition and Distribution

The Finnish Film Foundation provides varied support for film exhibition and distribution in Finland.

The aim of the Foundation’s exhibition subsidies is to support the accessibility of films at cinemas as well promoting high-quality, versatile cinema programming and operations. Support is granted for cinema refurbishment, equipment purchases and developing cinema operations. The goal is a geographically comprehensive and technologically advanced cinema network offering a wide variety of programming.

The aim of the Foundation’s distribution support is to promote the screening and availability of films, especially domestic, in cinemas around the country as well as through other distribution channels. Support is available for importing high quality world cinema diversifying cinema programming and the digital distribution of classic and contemporary domestic films.

The Finnish Film Foundation also support nationally significant film festivals. The Ministry of Education and culture allocates annual funds to the Foundation for this purpose. The national significance of a festival is evaluated based on the quality and quantity of programming as well as the festival organisation’s competence. During assessment, special attention is paid to the scope and versatility of the festival programme as well as interest from the domestic and international audiences and media.

Exhibition and distribution support has deadlines which the Foundation’s Board confirms annually. All support applications are submitted via an online application system on the Foundation’s website (currently only available in Finnish).

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