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The Finnish Film Foundation communicates actively with the media and organizations within the film industry, providing information regarding The Foundation and the Finnish film industry in general. We also help our customers navigate the application processes. Together with the International Department, we promote Finnish films, filmmakers and film industry around the world.

The Finnish Film Foundation is responsible for gathering statistics on the Finnish film industry. We produce statistics about our own activities and on the production, distribution and exhibition of films. The Foundation publishes an annual Facts & Figures brochure with key statistics from the previous year. We also track the cinema admissions of Finnish films on our website and publish a weekend box office report on Mondays.

The Foundation also conducts research on different topics related to the film industry and its development, and funds research based on the needs of the industry.

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Social media

The Finnish Film Foundation is on Facebook and Instagram (in Finnish) and on Twitter (in English).

Monthly newsletter

The Finnish Film Foundation sends a newsletter about once a month both in Finnish and in English. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletters at

Email list (“Elokuvatiedotus”)

The Finnish Film Foundation also forwards outside press releases to an email list of subscribers. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list with this form. The press releases on the list are mainly in Finnish, but you may send emails in English as well.

If you wish to send your press release to the list, send it to along with a request to forward the mail to “Elokuvatiedotus.” We recommend sending the email in the exact form it should be forwarded in, i.e. the text in the body of the email itself, not as an attachment, and the correct title in the subject line.

The Finnish Film Foundation takes no responsibility on the content of the forwarded messages and holds the right to refrain from forwarding messages that are inappropriate or purely commercial.

The Finnish Film Foundation Mailing List Privacy Statement

The Finnish Film Foundation Privacy Statement for Statistics

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