Production Support – The Finnish Film Foundation – March 2012

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted production support to the following feature-length films:

Film Commissioner Kaisu Isto:

Feature-length fiction:


August Fools is a comedy set against the political backdrop of the Cold War. It tells a story of Elsa, a middle-aged milliner and part-time clairvoyant in total control of her life-until the man she once loved and lost walks in through the door of her little hat shop, in Helsinki, in 1962. Jan, a Czechoslovakian jazz musician, is in town to perform at the “International Festival of Peace and Friendship of the Youth of the World.” For more than two decades Elsa has believed the man to be dead. The intoxicating blend of hot August nights, music, dance and the ice-cold political paranoia of the Age of the Iron Curtain form the circumstances in which Elsa has to make her final choice. Will she yield to the wishes of the Finnish Police, who, under pressure from the KGB, wants her to track down two Czechoslovakian defectors Jan and Adam, or will she opt for an entirely new life herself?

Director: Taru Mäkelä

Script: Raija Talvio

Producer: Markku Flink

Cinematography: Jouko Seppälä

Shooting schedule: 06-09/2012

Premiere: August 2013

Distribution in Finland: Oy Nordisk Film AB

Financing TV company: YLE, Czech TV

Budget: 2 016 831 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 700 000 €

Production company: Kinosto Oy

Co-production companies: Fog´n´Desire Films (Czech Rebublic), Pomor Film AS (Norway)

Feature-length fiction, minority co-productions:


Oskar, Max and Viktor, once a superstar clown trio split up over a never forgiven, heart-rending fight, are now paying the price of 40 years of separate grueling lives on and off the stage. Their irresistible sense of humor is challenged by fear of death, cancer, family dysfunction and other joys of old age.

They´re about to risk everything to find out if there´s one more show left in them, a re-staging of the famous clownery that launched the group´s career. On the verge of the very end, they´re brought together one more time, facing the hardest challenge yet: forgiving one another.

Director: Viktor Taus

Script: Petr Jarchovsky

Producer: Michal Kollar

Cinematographer: Milan Chadima

Shooting schedule: 05-07/2012

Premiere: May 2013

Distribution in Finland: Oy Nordisk Film AB

Financing TV company: Czech TV, YLE

Budget: 2 148 099 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 160 000 €

Production company: Fog´n´Desire Films (Czech Rebublic)

Co-Production Companies: Kinosto (Finland), Sokol Kollar (Slovakia), Tarantula

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