Fourth installment of action franchise starring Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol went straight to the top of the chart with the 32.028 admissions on its premiere weekend in Finland. Directed by Brad Bird the action thriller is also starred by the Finnish actor Samuli Edelmann. It is distributed by Finnkino on 87 screens. The last weekend’s number one Puss in the Boots fell to the second place with its 27.274 admissions. This animated comedy and family film has now been seen by a total of 76.107 moviegoers.

Number three was this week’s domestic premiere Naked Harbour directed by Aku Louhimies with 12.040 admissions. Starred by many of the Finland’s most famous actors Naked Harbor is an episodic film about love as seen from different human perspectives. Jointly produced by First Floor Productions and Edith Film, it is distributed by Buena Vista International Finland on 43 screens.

The Iron Lady fell to the fourth spot with 7.094 admissions. Starred by Meryl Streep this film about Margaret Thatcher has now been seen by 30.395 moviegoers. The fifth most popular film was The Storage by Taru Mäkelä, which added 6.477 admissions this weekend. Now on its sixth week this domestic comedy has a total of 150.472 admissions.

The second foreign premiere this weekend The Descendants came sixth on the admissions chart. Directed by Alexander Payne this drama-comedy screened on 33 screens and got a total of 4.550 admissions. Set in Hawaii, The Descendants is distributed in Finland by FS Film.

Number seven this weekend was also a domestic film, Love and Other Troubles by Samuli Valkama, which attracted 4.550 moviegoers to the theatres. Now on its second week the drama-comedy has a total 17.031 admissions. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was number eight with 3.103 admissions. On its seventh week the film now adds up to the impressive total of 201.874 admissions.

Vares – The Path of The Righteous Men held its own with 2.079 admissions. The latest installment in the popular Vares series, the film was number nine this weekend and has now the total of 90.079 admissions.

The brand new family musical comedy Ricky the Rapper and Cool Wendy, which will premiere on the 10th of February, was already seen in advance by 2.061 spectators. Prior even to its official premiere the film was the tenth most seen film in Finland this weekend. Produced by Kinotar and distributed by Nordisk Film, Ricky the Rapper and Cool Wendy is the third installment in the immensely popular Ricky the Rapper series.

Three more domestic films made it to TOP 20 this weekend. Mr Hayhill by Matti Grönberg and Pekka Karjalainen was 13th with 796 admissions, now adding up to the total of 39.991 admissions. Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki sold 619 tickets this week making it the number 14 on the admissions chart. Now on its 22nd week the film has been seen by 124.266 moviegoers. Last weekend’s premiere Canned Dreams by Katja Gauriloff was number 16 and was seen by 481 people this week, adding up to a total of 2.566 admissions. The documentary about the journey of a canned food product and it´s ingredients across Europe will be seen next week in the Culinary Cinema section of the Berlinale.

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