Grant announcement: Project support for international promotion

The aim of the support

The aim of the support is to promote the internationalisation of Finnish films and filmmakers, boost the international status of Finnish films and to expand the skills of film professionals.

To whom?

The Finnish Film Foundation is responsible for the export of films whose main production country is Finland. The purpose of its operations is to promote Finnish films and their distribution abroad.

Support for international promotion may be primarily granted for films that have received production support from the Foundation. The support covers completed and soon to be completed feature films, short or serialised drama, documentary, animation or children’s films and combinations thereof.

Project support for international promotion may be granted to a production company that has the professional and financial means to market and distribute films or to a corporation registered in Finland that holds the film’s international commercial rights, or a domestic filmmaker or group of filmmakers.

For what purpose and how much?

The project support for international promotion is meant for the export of Finnish film.

Project support can be granted also for digitisation of previously released films if there is significant international interest which advances Finnish film culture.

Support may be granted in full (100%) for necessary and justified reasons in order to reach stated objectives. Other funding and self-financing of the project are viewed as an advantage.

Previous support decisions may be viewed from the Foundation’s support decisions page.

How are the applications evaluated?

Project support for international promotion is discretionary. Granting the support is based on the overall evaluation and comparison of the applications. The following guidelines are used to evaluate the applications:

Evaluation takes into account the project’s production and economic feasibility, international significance and the project’s ability to produce new practices of internationalisation. In addition, the applicant’s artistic, professional and financial means to complete the project and available funds are evaluated. Other funding and self-financing of the project are viewed as an advantage. Other support previously granted by the Film Foundation to the applicant is also taken into account.

How to apply?

Applications are entered into the online application system by sending in the application and appendices to the Film Foundation.

New applicants must register in the online application system. New clients are registered within the week.

Applicants fill in an application in the online application system that consists of an electronic application form and the necessary appendices that are uploaded into the system.

Instructions for the online application system


Obligatory application appendices:

The applicant’s obligatory appendices:

  • a verified and audited financial statement (if the  Limited-liability Companies Act, the Audit Act or the articles of association necessitate an auditor) covering the latest financial period.
  • a valid extract from the Trade Register no older than six months
  • a certificate of paid taxes no older than three months
  • a certificate of paid pension insurance premiums no older than three months
  • a current shareholders’ register (the Limited-liability Companies Act, chapter 3) The shareholders’ register is submitted only once and updated if changes in ownership occur.

Special conditions

  • Support may also be granted to the distribution of a film or cultural product that
    1) forms an artistic whole,
    2) has content that is based on cultural values originating in cultural identity and
    3) includes a significant contribution by significant creators and artists, and
  • where the share of wages and salaries of the overall  production costs is significant.
  • The project’s costs are approved without VAT. If the grant recipient does not have the right to VAT deductions, the costs may be approved with VAT.
  • The Film Foundation may request further information if it deems it necessary for the decision-making process.
  • A prerequisite for granting the support is that the recipient has complied with possible earlier support agreements and met their conditions.
  • The recipient must provide a written report and a financial report detailing the use of the support.
  • The Film Foundation oversees the use of the support and it has the right to audit the recipient’s finances and operations.
  • The actualised overall funding of the project must not exceed the project’s actualised costs.

Support cannot be granted if the application is insufficient and the required information is not uploaded into the online application system despite requests to do so.


The Finnish Film Foundation’s Board decides on the project support based on the CEO’s presentation.

Applicants receive a written notification.

The application will be processed in the first board meeting after the application has been submitted. The processing time is approximately 3–8 weeks after the application and all the required appendices have been submitted.

The decision is based on the act of government funding for the advancement of cinema (56/2018), the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (688/2001) and the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003)

Further information

Feature films, drama series over 22 minutes: Head of the International Department Jaana Puskala, tel. +358 9 6220 3026,

Documentaries (over 30 minutes): International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films Suvi Railo, tel. +358 9 6220 3021,

Short films (including documentaries under 30 minutes), TV-series (episodes under 22 minutes): International Promotion and Cultural Export of Short Films Otto Suuronen, tel. +358 9 6220 3019,

Further instructions about the application process and decisions are available in the support guide.

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