Co-production funding

The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish Film industry. Founded in 1969, The Foundation operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Foundation receives its funding from lottery and pools funds and hands out around 25 million euros in support for the production, distribution, exhibition and promotion of films annually.

Production support is given to an average of 80 films per year. The Foundation’s support makes up around 40 percent of the average feature film budget. The rest of the average budget is made up by television and distribution companies, the producers’ own investment and financing from domestic and international funds and investments. Production support is available for feature films, animations, short films, documentaries and series.

International co-productions are also eligible for production support from The Finnish Film Foundation when a Finnish co-producer is involved. The Foundation funds around 8 to 10 minority co-productions every year with a support budget of around €1 million. The amount of production support for minority co-productions has traditionally ranged from 25 000 to 500 000 euros, depending on the Finnish creative/technical input. There are no spend requirements for the support, nor is the support recoupable.

Support eligibility for co-productions is determined with the following criteria:

  • Involvement of a Finnish co-producer
  • Distribution of some kind in Finland
  • Artistic and/or technical input from Finland
  • Relevance of the project for Finnish audiences
  • Possibilities for an ongoing co-operation between the parties

The Support Application is made by the Finnish coproducer. Application deadlines are annouced annually on the Foundation’s website.

A list of Finnish production companies that have received co-production funding from The Finnish Film Foundation for a minority share in an international production in the last five years can be found here.

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