Funding from The Finnish Film Foundation

The Finnish Film Foundation offers funding for the professional production, distribution and exhibition of films.

Production funding is available for production companies (registered Finnish societies). Distribution support is granted to film distribution companies and exhibition support to cinemas. Scriptwriting support is available for professional fiction and documentary film writers. Support for the cultural export of Finnish Films may be granted to production companies, the film rights holders and filmmakers.

The Finnish Film Foundation evaluates each project in terms of content, expression and production planning. The evaluation takes into account the applicant’s artistic, professional and financial qualifications for completing the production.

Applications for The Finnish Film Foundation’s support can be submitted at any time to the online application system. There are, however, deadlines for the applications which will determine at which support decision meeting the applications will be handled.

The officials responsible for each support category are listed on the personnel list.

Once the application has been processed the presenting official’s support decision is brought to a Support Meeting where the Foundation’s Board signs off on all decisions.

All applications are made via an online application system on the Foundation’s website (currently only available in Finnish). Before applying, all applicants should consult the Foundation’s Support Guidelines for more information on the application process and required application appendices.

Application deadlines

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