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Title Director Production Premiere
70 Is Just a Number Johanna Vuoksenmaa Dionysos Films Oy In production
One Half of Me Tuukka Temonen Optipari Oy 13.03.2020
The Innocents Eskil Vogt Bufo Oy In production
Dead Woman Kadri Kōusaar Greenlit Productions In production
The Longest Day Jonas Selberg Augustsén Empire Pictures Oy In production
Yellow Sulphur Sky Claes Olsson Solar Films Oy In production
Confirmation Ulla Heikkilä Tekele Productions Oy In production
Eric Stoneheart Ilmar Raag Helsinki-filmi Oy In production
The Gravedigger Khadar Ahmed Bufo Oy In production
Hayflower, Quiltshoe and the Feisty First-grader Lenka Hellstedt Yellow Film & TV 14.02.2020
Any Day Now Hamy Ramezan Elokuvayhtiö Aamu In production
Hypnosis Valery Todorovsky Don Films Oy In production
Life After Death Klaus Härö Citizen Jane Productions 06.03.2020
Metsäjätti Ville Jankeri Solar Films Oy In production
Nimby Teemu Nikki It’s Alive Films In production
Goodbye Soviet Union Lauri Randla Bufo Oy 27.03.2020
O2 Margus Paju Solar Films Oy In production
Hatching Hanna Bergholm Silva Mysterium Oy In production
Potato Joona Tena Yellow Film & TV In production
Power of Love Jonas Rothlaender Bufo Oy In production
Risto Räppääjä ja väärä Vincent Maria Sid Solar Films Oy In production
Sagres Lovisa Síren Tuffi Films Oy In production
Se mieletön remppa Taneli Mustonen Solar Films Oy 19.02.2020
Games People Play Jenni Toivoniemi Tuffi Films Oy In production
Sihja Marja Pyykkö Tuffi Films Oy In production
Supercool Teppo Airaksinen Yellow Film & TV In production
Tale of a Sleeping Giant Marko Röhr MRP Matila Röhr Productions In production
Memory of Water Saara Saarela Bufo Oy In production
The Last Ones Veiko Õunpuu Bufo Oy 17.04.2020
Vinski and the Invisibility Powder Juha Wuolijoki Snapper Films Oy In production
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