Yksin Jumala

God Only Suffices

Domestic title:
Yksin Jumala
Satu Väätäinen
Satu Väätäinen
Timo Korhonen
FFF support:
God Only Suffices tells about the radical lifestyle of six Carmelite nuns in an old Finnish manor that has been converted into a closed Carmelite convent. Upon joining the convent, a Carmelite nun must take vows of eternal poverty, obedience and celibacy. The Carmelite code also includes strict restrictions on movement, speaking and food. Movement is determined by enclosure. It means living in a convent in cells intended for nuns that are divided by barriers set up across rooms. The entire convent area, including its gardens, is closed to the outside world. Filming inside the cloister was allowed for this film. Another essential element in the Carmelite code is the requirement of silence. The sisters may meet to have discussions only twice a day. Apart from that, and with the exception of common prayers, they live in total silence. The Carmelite sisters say that they are striving to find perfect love for God and humans with their radical lifestyle. The strict daily rhythm of the convent has been created to serve only one goal, prayer.
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