Vasen vartaloon

Fight of Fate

Domestic title:
Vasen vartaloon
Mohamed el Aboudi
Mohamed el Aboudi
Timo Korhonen
FFF support:
Umar Kemiläinen is a professional boxer, the European Championship as his goal. He converted to Islam a few years ago, has no Finnish friends except other converts and is convinced that the whole society is against him because of his religion. Suddenly Umar loses everything; he becomes seriously ill and has to cancel his boxing matches. While in hospital, he loses his apartment. Soon he also divorces. He is at crossroads: will he follow manager´s advice and continue boxing, or try some other profession? Will he find a new wife? Will he become politically active? Will he find his place in the society or continue to feel alienated? Umar has become active in the Islamic Party, the first of its kind in the Western world. The party program includes banning the sale of alcohol, promoting male circumcision and making music lessons in public schools optional. This is a story of a man who chose a religion that some people associate with terrorism, because he found inner peace in it, a man who is determined to adopt a whole new culture and who no longer feels at home in his own society. Umar travels to Dubai to celebrate the end of Ramadan. There he also tries to find a Muslim wife and a job. If he succeeds he might never come back to his native country again.
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