Vähintä mitä voi pyytää

The Least One Can Hope For

Domestic title:
Vähintä mitä voi pyytää
Mikaela Westerlund, Mimmo Hildén
Mikaela Westerlund
Leila Lyytikäinen, Claes Olsson

Sonja Ahlfors, Mikael Strömberg

FFF support:
No one sells goods anymore – today they´re selling dreams. Amanda, who is old enough to get married, wants a home – the complete package. She buys herself what she thinks is her dream home, but it soon becomes obvious that the most important thing of all is missing: A Man. Amanda refuses to accept that she is not getting the whole package. She tries to find the man she is missing, but along the way she realizes she is not the only one left without a partner. With her drive and her conviction to find a man, Amanda makes the whole neighborhood come to life. In the end, Amanda gets her dream fulfilled, but in an unexpected way. This is the first Finnish film that looks at loneliness from a different perspective – no depression, no alcohol and no suicide!
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