UM-SHMUM Seitsemän tuntia kuolemaan

UM-SHMUM Seven hours to death

Domestic title:
UM-SHMUM Seitsemän tuntia kuolemaan
Gideon Gitai
Gideon Gitai
Gideon Gitai
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You are killing my men, shouted the UNIFIL chief, General Alain Pellegrini at the Israeli military Liaison officers after 6 hours of Israeli shelling of the UN Observation Point at Khiam, on July 25th, 2006. The fire stopped briefly. Half an hour later, at about 19 hours, an Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft dropped a laser-guided precision bomb on the OP, killing the four un-armed UN Military Observers. An Austrian, a Canadian, a Chinese, and a Finn. The tragic events at Khiam symbolise the disregard of Israel towards the UN. Top UN and world personalities intervened with Israel, trying to save the lives of the Khiam observers – in vain. The emissaries of Peace and the persons who wanted to save their lives are the heroes of our film. Their descriptions, of the deadly sequence which developed, is weighed against the various versions that Israeli military and political personalities provide. The UN ‘logbook’ gives the film its dramatic structure. Through testimonies by war victims and by young Israeli soldiers who ponder about their role in this war; about questions of personal guilt and national impunity, leaders´ responsibility and historical sense of shame, add another dramatic and philosophical dimension to the ugly story of modern nonsensical war. The film also narrates the history of animosity of Israel towards UN, its roots and stories. This documentary is a travelogue to some painful questions of historical burden, national responsibility and justice. Mythological tales vs. current conflicts. Shear force, war crimes and darkness.
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