Tuntematon emäntä

The Unknown Woman

Domestic title:
Tuntematon emäntä
Elina Kivihalme
Elina Kivihalme
Taru Mäkelä
FFF support:
The Unknown Woman is a documentary film scripted and directed by Elina Kivihalme. It depicts the reality of Finnish agriculture and forestry during the war years, when the home front relied entirely upon the work and endurance of the women. All farm work, caring for the children, woodcutting and other forestry operations were undertaken by the civilians, as the men in their prime were on the front. The war effort of the rural women has until now not been portrayed in a knowledgeable film with emotional impact. The subject touches all modern-day Finns whether they live rurally or in towns. This is a matter of Finnish spiritual and financial inheritance, and familiarity with it is of the greatest importance. A nation that doesn´t know its history cannot understand its present, let alone look into the future. Although the war as a topic has been dealt with, the important part the women played during the war in agriculture and forestry, and through that, as the backbone of Finnish society, has not been explored.
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