Tähtitaivas talon yllä

Stars Above

Domestic title:
Tähtitaivas talon yllä
Feature films
Saara Cantell
Saara Cantell

Irina Björklund, Meri Nenonen, Elin Petersdottir

FFF support:
The village school teacher Saima´s husband is away at the frontline, and she feels like an outsider in the community until she finds company from the young war invalid Toivo who has been sent to help on the farm. Saima´s daughter Tuulikki moves from town to the house with her young child, her head full of wild ideas for an ecological lifestyle. When Tuulikki´s boyfriend Seppo arrives at the farm with a bunch of noisy friends her plans for the future seem to be going in the same farcical direction as her earlier attempts at sheep farming and organic dye making. Tuulikki´s daughter Salla has far more possibilities than any of the earlier generations – but she still finds it difficult to find happiness. Recovering from the aftermath of a long relationship Salla has decided to withdraw to the peace and quiet of the countryside, but her plans go haywire when neighbor Ville enters her life despite her initial resistance. STARS ABOVE follows the stories of three women from the same family across three different decades. The main characters – Saima (Irina Björklund), Tuulikki (Meri Nenonen) and Salla (Elin Petersdottir) – each live in the same country house. Saima´s story takes place in the war time 1942, when Finland fought against Soviet Union, Tuulikki´s story in colourful year 1978 and Salla´s story in the present day. Each woman is between 30 and 40. This deep and beautiful, yet humorous film pictures the encounters between people and the possibilities for choice. How much does the time we live in affect us – and our ability to hold on to our dreams? What are those things which we pass on from one generation to the next? What changes, what remains the same? And to what extent do mothers´ choices, let alone their unspoken secrets, affect their daughters´ lives?
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