Niko – lentäjän poika

Niko and the Way to the Stars

Domestic title:
Niko – lentäjän poika
Animated films and series, Feature films
Feature length animation
Hannu Tuomainen, Marteinn Thorisson
Kari Juusonen, Michael Hegner
Petteri Pasanen, Hannu Tuomainen
FFF support:

Niko & The Way to the Stars is an adventure tale about a young reindeer boy Rusty´s quest to find and save his absent father, whom he believes to be a member of the world famous Santa´s Elite Flying Forces.

One day Rusty is rehearsing flying out side home valley with his best friend and mentor, an old flying squirrel Julius, and with his potential girl friend Willow. They are discovered by a gang of wolves. Rusty leads his friends to escape back down to home herd, but unfortunately Black Wolf follows them secretly. It leads to the unfortunately death of Willow´s father, leader of the home herd. Reindeer herd has to escape from their no more safe Valley.

Rusty blames him self for the accident. He sets out next night to Lappish winter wilderness to find a new home with his flying hero dad, whom he actually has never met. Julius decides to help his friend, even nobody knows where Santa lives. Soon their way crosses the wolf gang, and Rusty finds out Black Wolf has a evil plan to eat and destroy the flying Forces, and replace Santa and the flyers with his gang.

With extra help from a wild blonde weasel girl Wilma, Rusty tries to warn the flyers before the wolves attack. Yet the final fight is not the one with wolves, but inside Rusty´s heart when he has to find his own place between two different worlds.

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