Kummeli V

Towards The Day of Doom

Domestic title:
Kummeli V
Feature films
Aleksi Mäkelä
FFF support:
Kummeli the movie has four storylines, where all the principal characters live their lives on a crash course – like towards the day of doom. In the first story an ex bass player Tomi makes a mistake. He invites his old bandmate, drum artist Monk to do some construction work on his wife’s villa. But instead of his carpenter’s tools Monk brings over his set of drums – a whole summer-long double-bass drumstorm commences. In the next story a wannabe-motorcycle gang and its president Jouni get humiliated in a village store. Jouni decides to take his revenge by robbing the store. Being a film buff, his retaliation plans are inspired by legendary action movies. In the third story we go back in time, to the mid-sixties, when the yellow press was born. A travelling church organ maintenance man, Arvo, is also a hard-core ladykiller. When he’s not too busy with his livelihood, he charms, seduces and scores women from all provinces. But a posse of jealous husbands are on his trail, like a lynching mob in old Westerns. In the centre of the fourth story is a fantasy and science fiction movie director from Helsinki, Kurt ”Kurre” Von Riikonen, already familiar from the earlier episodes. Together with his crewmembers, he takes a helicopter ride to Lapland, to hunt bears. A world war between north and south begins.
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