Kosminen kulkuri

Cosmic Avenger

Domestic title:
Kosminen kulkuri
Animated films and series
Children´s short animation
Mariko Härkönen, Ismo Virtanen
Mariko Härkönen, Ismo Virtanen
Mariko Härkönen

Max Bremer, Mika Ala-Panula

FFF support:

Sirius Express Ltd. handles space freight to all destinations in the universe. Bureaucrat robot X-Mo and mailman robot Io work in the Special Deliveries´ Department. Io and X-Mo deliver the most challenging parcels with their shabby mail shuttle. The work takes them on adventures into the wilderness of outer space. Io, who under his metal crust is a sentimental dreamer, finds himself lonely when working with orderly X-Mo, whose passion is listing and organizing the deliveries. Io´s despair suddenly ends when the mail shuttle bumps into an unidentified parcel. Inside the parcel Io finds a dusty teddy bear who appears to be lifeless. Io reloads the teddy bear´s batteries, and Bingo the bear wakes up from his long sleep. In the cuddly bear Io sees the friend he has longed for, until Bingo´s true character is revealed. The energetic super-powered rascal turns out to be the cause of different catastrophes, up to the point of jeopardizing Io´s and X-Mo´s life. The newborn friendship is put to trial. However, in the end it´s only Bingo who has the means to try to save them from a dreadful death – his only weapon being his wittiness and energy.

The film is produced as part of the short film initiative for
children, Skidisti, and it is funded by The Finnish Film Foundation,
AVEK and The Finnish Film Contact

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