Katseen raunio

Ruins of the Gaze

Domestic title:
Katseen raunio
Anu Pennanen
Anu Pennanen
Sonja Lindén
Ruins of the Gaze is an experimental documentary film about the place combining the largest hub of public transport and shopping centre in Europe. It documents the everyday experiences of different kinds of people ‒ from a retired vegetable salesman, who lives nearby, to teenagers from northern Paris, who spend their free time at the shopping centre ‒ wandering in the place where the outskirts of the city and its historical centre come together. The film is a mix of documentary footage and more fictional elements, based on scenes developed in a collaborative process with its protagonists. The film projects a multi-layered look on the reality and imaginative possibilities of one of the oldest places in Paris. In addition to this documentary film, the film materials have been used to create a separate architectural installation consisting of five screens. Ruins of the Gaze is the third and final part of a trilogy. Earlier parts are Monumentti näkymättömälle (A Monument for the Invisible) filmed in Helsinki in 2003, and Soprus-Druzhba (Friendship) made in Tallinn in 2006.
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