Kära Mor

Dear Mother

Domestic title:
Kära Mor
Paul-Anders Simma
Paul-Anders Simma
Paul-Anders Simma, Margus Önapuu
FFF support:
75 000 €
370 000 €
“Dear Mother” is about sixteen year old Tasha who lives at an orphanage in Kandalaksha, N.W Russia. One day an unknown woman calls her and claims that she is her mother. Tasha is chocked since the authorities had declared her mother dead by a drug overdose several years ago, but her body was never recovered. The woman claims she now is drug free and a reborn Christian, after a near death experience in hospital in Moscow. Now she plan to return to her native Sami home village Lujaur, to collect her abandon children to start a new and honest life. Tasha has mixed feelings for this new found “mother”. She is longing to have a mother of her own, but is afraid that she is “kidnapped” by someone who just wants to exploit her, to extract child support from the state. Tasha and her friends try to figure out if the woman is an Angel from the past or a Devil from the future? “Dear Mother” will be an unfolding mystery interweaving the past and the present, the factual and the imagined. The secret at the heart of this film is in Tasha’s forgotten hometown “Lujaur”. Different native tribes where relocated to this swamp on the middle of the tundra by the Soviet authorities. The objective was to create a utopian society where a new breed of socialistic humans would emerge. Instead many natives where abused in the name of progress. Native children where “stolen” and sent to orphanages to be “ethnically “ cleansed. This POV documentary takes us on a journey to explore human nature, into murky waters where dangerous pikes are mixed with friendly white fish. It’s a story about buried secrets and the search for identity, the universal need to understand why our families turn out the way they do.
International producer:
Filmtower Kubis (EE), SAFI NUF (NO), Firstfilm (SE)
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