Isola Singelin Dilemma


Domestic title:
Isola Singelin Dilemma
Animated films and series
Antonia Ringbom
Antonia Ringbom
Tuomo Leino
FFF support:
Isola Singel lives on a small island. She loves Solitude. Lets her eyes wander to the horizon; talks to herself to reveal her thoughts… A large flock of guests arrive at the island. Isola tries to socialize with them, but her voice is not strong enough. She lets out a sigh of relief when she is alone again. But Poor Little Thing was left behind! She is not going to take care of it. Poor Little Thing, however, does well on its own, and little by little, the two are able to co-exist somehow in an uneven manner. Isola isn´t writing poems as much as she used to, but the Cave feels warmer. She recites Her Complete Poems to Poor Little Thing, who won´t let the reciting disturb her sleep… When Poor Little Thing suddenly flies away with its family, Isola is forced to go back to worshipping her solitude… Poor Little Thing comes back, this time with a friend… Isola feels torn. She feels bittersweet and abandoned when the young ones are sitting in her Apple Tree, looking at the moon… When Poor Little Thing´s birdie friend runs off and it looks like Poor Little Thing might stay, Isola feels ambivalent once again: alone, free, independent, melancholic or together, disturbed, restrained, attention-seeking, happy?
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