In the Dark Room – Pimennossa

In the Dark Room

Domestic title:
In the Dark Room – Pimennossa
Nadav Schirman
Nadav Schirman
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Magdlena Kopp.She was married to the most wanted terrorist in the world: Carlos The Jackal. She followed him through the birth of international terrorism of which he became the star. From the small conservative Bavarian town where she grew up to the ’68 revolutionary zeitgeist of Berlin and the radical leftist cells of Frankfurt, men were always at the root of her troubles. Propelled not by political conviction but more by a need to belong, an easily influenced person by her own account, she finds herself in the arms of the man who was fast becoming the first celebrity terrorist in the world, the symbol of their clandestine war for political freedom. She trained with Palestinian freedom fighters, fought alongside their national heroes. She followed him into dangerous international intrigues, a nebulous world of secret services, shady governments and terrorist organizations. She watched as the media turned him into a myth, which they cashed on and continue to do so today.She was in jail. He unleashed a wave of terror attacks to free her. She feared him and gave birth to his daughter whom she used as a shield. She started to realize that behind the ideals, the radical nationalism, the violent struggle for freedom, there were personal ambitions and greed of wealth and power, a man who was so taken with his own legend that he couldn’t face the realities of the changing world. She wanted out but it was too late. She was too deeply involved.
International producer:
Pauli Pentti
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