Ella ja Aleksi – yllätyssynttärit

Ella & Aleksi

Domestic title:
Ella ja Aleksi – yllätyssynttärit
Children´s animation
Katri Manninen
Juuso Syrjä
Jesse Fryckman
FFF support:

Ella and Aleksi are siblings who get into many adventures with their dog Inspector Dogson. Be it at home, in the city or in nature, all the while they´re making new friends. Aleksi is a precocious, smarty and reflective older brother who knows a lot about the world. Ella is a curious and impulsive little sister, full of life and creative solutions. With the help of their imagination the two can shrink and grow, understand the language of animals and even create a train from thin air.

The kids help the quick-tempered MC Beetle to fix his DJ gear, teach little Lenni the Seagull to fly and find the lost inspiration of the fashion designer Carl the Crayfish. Later they´re off to make magic soil with the soil dealing Mr Mole, aid the refugee Hely the Owl to find a new home and find the lodestar in their back yard and must help it back into the night sky.

The adventures are accompanied by songs sung by Ella and Aleksi.

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