Auf Wiedersehen Finnland

Auf Wiedersehen Finnland

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Auf Wiedersehen Finnland
Virpi Suutari
Virpi Suutari
Cilla Werning
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Auf Wiedersehen Finnland is an intimate documentary about young Finnish women who left Finland after the Lapland War broke out in September 1944 and moved to Germany with the retreating German soldiers.

Most of the women returned to Finland during 1948, and they were interrogated as potential spies.

Once at home, the women faced mockery and ridicule or total silence surrounding their stay in Germany. Children fathered by German soldiers, especially, were treated cruelly for decades.

The women, now in their 80s, and their children are the main characters in this documentary. The film portrays the sometimes agonizing struggle of the elderly women; the women are trying to explain their past to themselves and to their loved ones. In the film, alongside with the women´s stories, we´ll see shots of collapsed Germany, filmed in color by American soldiers in 1945.

Filled with black humor, Auf Wiedersehen Finnland is a poetic portrayal of young people who went on an adventure towards the unknown. It´s a story of feeling like an orphan and the need to be loved.

We´ll see mothers and their children while being given the opportunity to ask ourselves whether a reconciliation is possible.
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