Arvostetulla alueella

An Upscale Neighbourhood

Domestic title:
Arvostetulla alueella
Lasse Naukkarinen
Lasse Naukkarinen
Lasse Naukkarinen
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The documentary shows us the old Tuomarila, a village in the middle of the city of Espoo, and its people and history. Tuomarila still exhibits small glimpses of people’s work and love for their living environment. The oldest generation, which has now almost passed away, built their own houses with the help of their friends and neighbours. The growing cities of the south have a shortage of land for construction. The people moving to the south in search of jobs need dwellings. This feeds a large-scale business. Developers want to evict the old residents, demolish their houses, break up yards by building new houses too closely together and cover the old, beautiful gardens, that have made the area pleasant and ‘upscale’, with asphalt. The developers won´t stay and live in the area they have ruined once they have scraped the soil, the elderly people and the money away. What is being created now lacks history; fake atelier houses, seaside villas on side alleys, apartment blocks on streets with names like Talkoopolku (meaning Voluntary Help Path) speak of a world that has been destroyed. The film is shot from the point of view of the director, who has lived in ‘the upscale neighbourhood’ for a long time and recorded the changes taking place.
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