Arkipellina och kalkkristallen

Archipellina and the chalk chrystal

Domestic title:
Arkipellina och kalkkristallen
Animated films and series
Series 13 x 7 min
Antonia Ringbom, Tuomo Leino
Antonia Ringbom
Mats Långbacka
FFF support:

The young bird KRÄ knows everything that’s going on in the islands of ARCHIPELLINA. Now that autumn is here, he has to part with his best friend NEPPA who is leaving south with her family on the house boat Casafloat. She gives him a set of small presents he can open when the longing becomes too strong. They bring back memories and take Krä around the islands to meet their strange inhabitants, whose problems he boldly tries to solve. There are ecological adventures on land and under the sea. The flounder Unda is fighting Protodump’s scrap dumping; Ecolo, the Inventor, is recycling eelgrass in an effort to charm Isola from the neighboring island, who’d rather be sculpting. The potato brothers Carl and Will need to stop being so inhospitable when the French Fries Lady pays them a visit, The Hungry Wash-ups on Happyharu receive surprise guests. Even a new little Archipellite is born! Finally Neppa comes home, airborne! Krä and Neppa surprise Protodump by throwing him a birthday party.
However, there is a shadow from the past in the form of the cruel Mr Sourpuss. Is it his mark on the treasure map that Krä found in the submarine wreck? Is he after The Limestone Crystal under the sea? Is he able to make the dangerous tornadoes that ruin the Happyween party?
Krä and Neppa are going to solve all these mysteries as winter is coming and it will be Christmas in Archipellina.

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