50/50 Production Support – The Finnish Film Foundation – April 2012

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted production support to the following feature-length films:

Film Commissioner Kaisu Isto:

50/50 support:

The Finnish Film Foundation´s board accepted in the Spring of 2011 a new experiment, so called 50/50 production support. One aim is to accelerate the decision-making process for productions that have already raised their financing. The other is to find new financers outside the film industry. With the new 50/50 production support, the Finnish Film Foundation can grant a maximum of 50% of production costs for a production that has already secured at least 50% of its financing. The productions are being evaluated with a scoring scale.

First 50/50 production supports were granted in October 2011. The whole sum reserved for the new support form during the years 2011 and 2012 is EUR 5 million.

Feature-length fiction:


Toivo has a rare blood type: his hemoglobin levels are exceptionally high and the Type O Negative blood is compatible with everyone. Toivo, as a result, becomes the secret weapon for the Finnish national ski team´s biggest hope for success, Aino, who is regularly fueled with Toivo´s blood prior to championship-level races. Toivo enters an ethical Jacob-Wrestling-with-the-Angel situation as to the justification of doping, while becoming increasingly involved with the hypocritical success culture sustained by the skiing community and the wider society. The incredible narrative is based on true events. The events have been dramatized, however, so the film is primarily a fictional one that deals with this important theme through dramatic comedy.

Director: Arto Halonen

Script: Arto Halonen, Jouni Kemppainen

Producer: Arto Halonen, Igor A. Nola

Shooting schedule: 08/2012-02/2013

Premiere: December 2013

Distribution in Finland: Future Film

Financing TV company: YLE, Canal Plus

Budget: 1 731 925,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 740 000,00 €

Production company: Art Films production Oy

Co-production companies: MP Film Production


Teppo is a neo-nazi skinhead in his early forties. He falls madly in love with Sari. The two move in quickly and Sari introduces Teppo to her ten-year-old son Roope – who is mulatto.

Teppo must face and win his own prejudices and those of the boy. Roope tries to get rid of his new stepfather by any imaginable means. When Sari falls ill and must stay at the hospital, the two are left alone.

Teppo will need all the bravery in his lion heart to win the trust of Roope. He also needs to choose his side and pay the price for that choice.

Director: Dome Karukoski

Script: Aleksi Bardy

Shooting schedule: 08-09/2012

Premiere: Autumn 2013

Distribution in Finland: Scanbox

Financing TV company: YLE

Budget: 1 500 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 750 000,00 €

Production company: Helsinki-filmi Oy

International sales: The Yellow Affair

Feature-length fiction, children’s films:


Rolli Village has been left deserted as the folk have moved into Rolli City, a city built around a big circus run by the Ringmaster. Rolli´s foolish youth mistake has resulted in the village now being closed behind a locked gate. Without foreseeing the consequences he has revealed the secret of the Rolli Village to the Ringmaster, and the village is now in grave danger.

”Rolli and the Golden Key” takes the spectators into an exhilarating musical adventure. The musical force of the story lies behind the best classic Rolli songs written by Allu Tuppurainen and this time arranged for a big orchestra. Also for the first time we get to see Rolli as a child and watch him grow up. Th

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