Local films in Finland reached a total of 1,2 million admissions during the year 2011. All in all there were 7,1 million admissions, which made the market share for the local films 17 %. Local films failed to reach the record breaking domestic admissions of the year 2010 (2 075 000 admissions), but performed much better than in 2009 (992 000 admissions).

In 2011 there was a record number of 34 local films released. Among the premieres were six documentaries and in a groundbreaking manner also five short films, two of which were presented as opening acts for features.

Last year’s number one domestic hit was Vares – The Kiss of Evil (Vares – Pahan suudelma) by Anders Engström with 205 000 admissions. Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki was number two with 117 000 admissions.

389 000 moviegoers made Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 the film with the most admissions in 2011 in Finland.

Please note that there is a short report on the admissions of Finnish films published weekly at the English version of The Finnish Film Foundation website www.ses.fi. The more detailed statistics can be found at http://www.ses.fi/en/Statistics11.asp

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